Updated 6/6/20

A glowing fire is warm, beautiful, and relaxing....

 There is nothing more welcoming on a cold day than to gather around the family hearth. Fireplaces and freestanding stoves add comfort and romance to your home. More importantly, they have the ability to warm - not only the room, but your body and soul as well.  

Welcome to The Tinderbox!

The Tinderbox is a family owned and operated full service hearth shop.  We offer high quality stoves, inserts, and fireplaces - all year round.  We carry wood burning, pellet, gas, coal, and electric alternative heating appliances from leading manufacturers in the industry. 

We also offer installation and maintenance services (including chimney sweeping) for all the products we sell.

We understand choosing the right alternative heating system for your home is a big decision and our attention to friendly, helpful customer service will be the hallmark of your buying experience. 

At The Tinderbox, we are dedicated to giving you, our customer, a complete understanding of all your home heating options and helping you decide which option will best meet your needs, budget, and desires. At the same time, we will take into account all aspects of use, location and structural needs to ensure a smooth process from purchase, to installation, to enjoying your first fire!

Our showroom includes display models, accessories, and maintenance products for all of your hearth needs, as well as home décor and handcrafted local and regional functional art. 

Come on in and.......feel the warmth!